Hi, my name is David Schweke, and I created this website to publicize speaking events and holy occasions that would refresh and renew a Jews love, and appreciation for the beauty of our Torah.

The showcased individuals presented here, are uniquely gifted to inspire the individual to renew ones excitement and love for Hashem, Torah and fellow Jews.

David Schweke

This website is dedicated in Honor of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov &
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson.


Also dedicated to the Wonderful Loving memory of my Father, Moshe ben Dina,
and the Honor of my Mom, Renee, may she be well and Live Long.

This website is a tribute to
Rabbi Meir Abehsera.
I learned from his love, patience, and hard work , how to love Jews.
May he be healthy and. Live long.

In memory of my beloved Uncle Al Swed, Avraham ben Miriam z"l

In memory of my beloved Uncle Ike Swed, Yitzhak ben Miriam z"l